Mace Photography

Greetings Everyone & Welcome to my website. My name is Maceo Bedar. Let me introduce myself....

I'm a Chicagoan Photographer. Majority of my time I spend my days getting inspiration from walking these city streets. Camera in my hand & drone in the air. Keeps me searching for new perspectives through these fresh eyes & enjoying the journey through the greatest architectural city in the United States! "Which I call home"

My values remain simple & something I choose to live by everyday. " Always respect others & their work regardless of how the rest of the world chooses to look at them" 

" God Bless " Maceo Bedar

THANK YOU!!!!! 2018

I would just like to take the moment thank God for even giving me the Gift, and the opportunity to even be at this place in my life. My Passion for photography has snuck up on me out of no where, and it has been a beautiful experience every since.This year alone had its many challenges, but growth & learning comes with that. I just want to thank everyone that supported me from Day 1 to now, and continuing to be there. One thing I can share with you as I shared with many before is that " The camera is the printer for your mind is the developer" 

God Bless you all & Thank you